What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship

What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship

What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship – In the world of social media and podcasting, people can become famous and make a lot of money. Some criticize those who try to become instant Instagram celebrities without any obvious talent, while others like Jay Alvarrez or social media stars Pauline and Mathilde Tantot manage to make a living from it. But what about Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn? They are not just Instagram models; they are also the creators of a popular podcast. However, their journey has been filled with drama and controversies.

What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship

The Rise of Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers and podcasters have become legitimate earners in the modern age. While some may question the fame of those who seemingly achieve overnight Instagram stardom or celebrities with no apparent talent, this is the reality we live in. People like Jay Alvarrez, who is known for being highly controversial, and social media stars like Pauline and Mathilde Tantot have managed to build careers from their online presence. However, it might not be fair to place Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn in the same category. Although they both have massive Instagram followings that allow them to earn money through product endorsements, they’ve also created a podcast that people actually listen to. Unfortunately, their story is marred by a falling out between the two co-hosts.

The Birth of ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

Die-hard fans of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast know that it was created by both Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn in 2018. However, Sofia Franklyn is no longer associated with the show. Alexandra has become a massive celebrity due to the financial and critical success of her Spotify podcast. But she’s also been involved in various dramas with TikTok stars, Logan Paul, Barstool Sports, and her former co-host, Sofia. Here’s the true story of what happened between these two.

From Small Town to Social Media Stardom

Alexandra Cooper didn’t start out aiming for a traditional life. She grew up in a small town and eventually got accepted to Boston University, where she played soccer on their division one team. She had the potential to become a professional athlete, but her life took a different turn. Her time outside of soccer was filled with parties, and she developed an interest in media and entertainment.

Eventually, she left soccer behind, moved to New York City, and dated a professional baseball player, Noah Syndergaard. After their relationship ended, she was introduced to Sofia Franklyn. At the time, Alex was struggling financially, even relying on unemployment. She was doing everything she could to make money, including vlogging. Her life began to look very different from her days at BU.

The Birth of ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

According to Alex, she was contacted by a friend working at a start-up who suggested that she and Sofia start a podcast. The two women spent most of their time together discussing culture, sexuality, and dating, which laid the foundation for the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Together, Alex and Sofia created four episodes of their show, and this got the attention of David Portnoy at Barstool Sports.

David recognized the immediate appeal of these two beautiful young women, their genuine chemistry, and their ability to discuss the intimate details of relationships, sex, and culture openly. In many ways, their podcast revolutionized the scene in 2020. They signed a deal with Barstool Sports that promised them raises at the end of each year, but as the show’s success grew, Alex and Sofia believed they deserved more.

What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship

The Controversial Split

After a prolonged dispute with Barstool Sports, which involved Sofia’s then-boyfriend, who was a lawyer, wanting to shop the podcast to other networks, Alex believed they had achieved the financial terms they wanted. But Sofia wasn’t satisfied. The conflict with Barstool brought many underlying issues to the surface. Accusations of one person doing more work than the other and claims of exploitation led to the end of Sofia’s involvement in “Call Her Daddy,” with Alex continuing the podcast without her.

Sofia publicly stated, “I don’t really know how a friendship breakup feels, and part of the reason why is I realized later that this person was never my friend. I think I was completely just used as a vessel to get famous. She saw me, thought I was funny, she thought we had good chemistry. I confused that with a friendship, and it really was just a business ploy on her end.”

While Sofia’s claims about Alex’s intentions may or may not be accurate, there’s no denying that Alex’s career skyrocketed after Sofia left the show. In the summer of 2021, Alex parted ways with David and Barstool Sports and secured a lucrative deal with Spotify. Millions of people tuned into Alex’s revamped “Call Her Daddy” podcast, which attracted major celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Cazzie David. This success translated into significant financial gains for Alex.

What happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, Relationship

In a recent interview, Sofia Franklyn revealed that she is still grappling with the fallout of her exit from “Call Her Daddy” and the dissolution of her friendship with Alex. She confessed, “I’m still not recovered, to be completely honest, like I still have things that are lingering from that, and it happened a year ago. Mental health, not good, let’s put it that way.”

Is there any possibility of a reconciliation between Alex and Sofia in the future? The answer is probably not. The drama and controversy between these two former co-hosts have left a lasting impact on both of their lives.

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In Conclusion

The story of Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, the former co-hosts of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, is a tale of success, controversy, and friendship gone sour. They started as two friends who created a groundbreaking podcast but ended up as bitter rivals. While Alexandra’s career continued to flourish, Sofia struggled to cope with the fallout. This story serves as a reminder of the complex and sometimes cutthroat world of podcasting and social media.

What Does “Call Her Daddy” Mean?

“Call Her Daddy” is a phrase used by a man about a woman, suggesting that she takes charge in her relationships. It implies that she holds the power and control in the relationships she’s involved in.

What is Sofia Franklyn famous for?

Sofia Franklyn is known as a blogger and podcaster who was previously affiliated with the highly popular pop culture blog called Barstool Sports.

How Alex and Sofia Crossed Paths?

Alexandra Cooper, also known as Alex, met Sofia Franklyn while they were both in New York City. Their partnership began there, leading to the creation of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. According to MyJournal, Alex and Sofia were out for the night, talking about their dating experiences. Someone overheard their conversation and suggested they start a podcast together.

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